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Sand Trap Louvres are designed to work in partnership with other filtration equipment to remove any dirt being carried in the air, before it can be distributed throughout HVAC systems.

There are a wide range of sand trap louver doors and windows Are available. Different configurations and designs can be incorporated To match the customer requirements.
Why do you need France Metal Sand Trap Louvers?
The sand trap louver is used as pre-filter for the protection of air conditioning plants in areas exposed to extreme levels of industrial pollution. It has a degree of separation of sand and large dust particles, even in cases of high dust concentrations. The vertically arranged sections and holes for sand drainage ensure the sand trap louver is self-cleaning and maintenance-free.

The sand trap louver is designed to separate large particles at low air velocities, thus avoiding excessive dust loading on conventional plant filters. It is not intended as a substitute for conventional supply air filtration plant.