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France Metal Blast Resistant Opening Solutions were developed to meet Governmental / Military facilities and Embassies safety and security objectives for Blast Resistance.

Providing extra protection against explosions and excessive force, France Metal Blast Resistant Openings meet and even exceed the stringent manufacturing and performance requirements.
Tested by  
  • France Metal “Standard Range” of blast doors and frame assemblies provide explosive up to 7 PSI (48 KPa) Standard Range assemblies are used widely in Anti-Terror, Forced Protection (AT/FP), High security buildings such as embassies, and in used in locations require minimum protectio level, and in demanding 24/7 wind load applications, such as train or subway tunnels

  • France Metal's “Mid-Range” units provide explosive protection above 7 PSI (48 KPa) and as high as 15 PSI (103 KPa). These units can be used in high security applications as well as in demanding industrial applications such as in the oil and gas sector

  • France Metal “Heavy Range” & “Extra Heavy Range” door and frame assemblies are engineered to provide full protection above 15 PSI (103 KPa) to pressure levels in excess of 30 PSI (206 KPa)

  • France Metal Blast resistant Windows provide explosive protection up to 6 PSI (40 KPa)

  • France Metal Blast proof doors and windows was developed the famous Baker Engineering and Risk Consultants. Inc. and complies with the most up to date test standards.

  • France Metal provides full engineering and manufacturing capabilities to design and produce blast door and frame products to meet international standards associated with blast pressure safety. France Metal has the knowledge and experience necessary to support projects world-wide

  • Blast Resistant up to 30 PSI 59 M.Sec and 100 PSI 20 M.Sec
    Where do you need Blast-Resistant Openings?
    Chemical Storage Areas
    Military Facilities
    Hospitals and Oxygen Storage Areas
    Laboratories, Research Areas
    Government Facilities
    Police and Fire Station
    Third –Party Tested / Calculated to the Following Criteria:
    Categories I, II and III as per ASTM F2247-03 for DOORS
    Minimal hazard as per ASTM F1642 for WINDOWS