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Level 1 through Level 3 bullet resisting door and frame (UL 752).
The Armor-Shield System provides cost-efficient readily available protection against assault and vandalism at vulnerable door openings such as isolated utility buildings, cashier islands, currency exchanges, box offices, etc. Armor-Shield is effective against a wide range of small firearms when used with structures similarly rated. Available in standard door sizes and constructed with 12 gage steel. Armor-shield frames are 12 gage steel with welded corners.
Armor-Shield's low cost and prompt availability encourage use in a wide range of applications, including those where custom doors might be considered cost-prohibitive. Armor-Shield doors Level 1 through Level 3 (with Steel Stiffened core) can be optionally UL fire rated up to 90 minutes.
Level 4 through Level 8 bullet resisting door and frame (UL 752).
The new Armor-Shield Level 4 -8 bullet resistant system offers the absolute best protection against bullet penetration and fragmentation. France Metal’s use of “concealed armor” protects against assault and vandalism at vulnerable door openings. Level 4 - 8 is designed for installations requiring bullet resistance up to Level 8, 7.62 mm high powered military rifles.

Public Utility Field Buildings
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Schools and Universities
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Government Facilities
Police and Fire Station