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Hollow Metal Doors    
France Metal offers a complete range of standard hollow metal doors in face sheet gauges ranging from 18 to 14 (1.25 mm to 2 mm).
France Metal has variety of core choices including honeycomb, polyurethane foam and temperature rise cores.

The Fuego Temperature Rise doors offer the maximum in fire and life safety as they feature 250 degrees F ratings. Fire ratings are available from 20 minutes through 3 hours.

France Metal also offers energy efficient doors such as Trio-E and Imperial. 

France Metal have been tested to out-perform all test criteria available for physical endurance and cycle of use. The combined durability and economy of these doors make them popular choices for a variety of users.

France Metal-stiffened doors are used in areas where optimum security and susceptibility to vandalism and break-in are of paramount concern. Face sheets are available in gauges 18 (1.25 mm) to 14 (2 mm), with door thicknesses of both 1-3/4" (44.5 mm) and 2" (50.8 mm). Fire ratings are available from 20 minutes through 3 hours with 450 degree F temperature rise option.

France Metal Medallion and Trio series steel stiffened doors offer a range of products suited for institutional and commercial security uses.