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Insulated Polyurethane Foam Core Doors - Imperial    
Energy efficient Imperial doors stand up to rugged traffic conditions. Imperial doors are furnished with a foamed-in-place polyurethane core to assure excellent insulating characteristics plus, exceptionally flat surfaces complete chemical bonding of all interior surfaces. Entrapped polyurethane foam provides a stable, durable insulation, superior to other foam products. Lock edge beveled 1/8" (3.2mm) in 2" (50.8mm) tight closure appearance.
Standard Features
  • 1-3/4" (44.5mm) thick polyurethane core.
  • Available in gauges 18 (1.25mm), 16 (1.5mm), and 14 (2mm), galvanized steel also available in G90.
  • Face sheets are totally supported by rigid polyurethane for increased impact resistance.
  • Superior insulating characteristics.
  • "R" Factor: Calculated value of 11.01(ASTM C518) (Reference: 1" Thermal Pane Glass R = 2.0)
  • "U" Factor: Calculated value of 0.091(ASTM C518).
  • Full flush (seamless) faces. Seamless edges available.
  • Inverted top and bottom end channels welded to both face sheets for added stiffness.
  • Optional steel closing caps available.
  • Hinge reinforcement gauge 7 (4.8mm) steel 3/16" plate.
Imperial Duty Grade
  • Gauge 18 (1.25mm) - Level II, Heavy Duty.
  • Gauge 16 (1.5mm) Level III, Extra Heavy Duty.
  • Gauge 14 (2mm) -- Level IV, Maximum Duty.
Imperial Hinge Preparation
  • 4-1/2" (114.3 mm) high, standard or heavy weight
  • Full Mortise Hinges
  • ANSI A156.7 template
  • Handed
Imperial and Fire Doors
  • Approved for labeling under UL 10C Standard for Positive Pressure Fire Tests of Door Assemblies.
  • Polyurethane core.
  • UL label.
  • Classified for openings rated at up to three hours (Class A, B, C, D, E, and 20 minute) which have no temperature rise restrictions.
Maximum Size
  • Gauges 18 (1.25 mm), and 16 (1.5 mm): 4'0" (1,219 mm) x 7'0" (2,134 mm) single.
  • Gauges 18 (1.25 mm), and 16 (1.5 mm): 6'0" (1,829 mm) x 7'0" (2,134 mm) pair.