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Steel Stiffened Laminated Core Door (Trio)    
Strong, Beautiful and Green, best describes Trio, the innovative new product from Ceco Door. Trio is a fusion of composite and steel stiffened cores to create a new patent pending laminated core design like no other. Trio contains all the aesthetic and insulating benefits of a Ceco Imperial foam door but with the added strength of a steel stiffened laminated core.
Steel stiffened laminated core for added strength and durability.

No vertical weld marks on door face sheets so aesthetically pleasing gloss paint can be applied.
Many door designs and color options available.

High recycled steel content for LEED points.

Trio Standard Features
  • Face Sheet gauges 18 (1.25 mm), 16 (1.5 mm) and 14 (2 mm) optional.
  • Gauge 16 (1.5 mm) inverted end channels welded to both face sheets for added strength.
  • Gauge 14 (2 mm) closer reinforcement.
  • Gauge 18 (1.25 mm) face sheet plus gauge 22 (0.8 mm) core plate is effectively gauge 14 (2 mm) thick on threat side of the door.
  • 22 (0.8 mm) gauge steel stiffeners spaced every 6" (152 mm) apart and welded to core plate every 5" (127 mm) on center for total surface support.
Other Features and Options

Available Sizes:
  • 4’0” (1,219 mm) x 9’0” (2,743 mm) maximum single, 8’0” (2,438 mm) x 9’0” (2,743 mm) maximum pair.
  • galvanized steel
Core Options:
  • Injected polyurethane foam or fiberglass insulation in between the stiffeners.
Edge Construction:
  • Mechanically interlocked, hemmed vertical edge seams Seamless edges available.
Hardware Reinforcements:
  • Reinforcing for most lock preps, including concealed hardware 7 (4.5 mm) gage steel hinge reinforcements.

  • Physical endurance testing: Meets ANSI A250.4 performance test, level A (1,000,000 cycles) class 1 stiffness
  • Fire rating: Up to and including 3 hours 4'0" (1,219mm) x 8'0" (2,438mm) singles and 8'0" (2,438mm) x 8'0" (2,438mm) pairs (no astragal required!) up to 8'0" (2,438mm) x 9’0” (2,743mm) pairs 90 min. (UL 10C) UL label.