Customer satisfaction is our goal; Quality is the key.

France metal management is committed to the quality and HSE, according to the requirements of ISO9001/2015, ISO14001/2015 and BSOHSAS18001/2007 and strives to be the leading producer and marketer of high quality, safe commercial door products for building construction worldwide to achieve customer satisfaction through:
  • France metal customer focused.
  • Exceeding our customers' expectation.
  • Adopting the belief – “Quality is everyone's responsibility".
  • Sustaining a competitive advantage through service, product, and process superiority.
  • Providing a safe work environment and safe products.
  • Preventing of pollution.
  • Conserving of natural resources.
  • Striving to ensure that our products reach customers on time and defect free.
  • Continually improving the effectiveness of the management system.
  • Achieving Occupational Health and Safety for all employees, equipments and Occupational Health and Safety.
  • Complying with legal and other requirements.
  • Preventing and Mitigating of accidents and injuries and diseases.
  • Continuous training and technology updating.
  • Providing a frame work for establishing and periodically reviewing management system policy and measurable objectives to insure its continuity, suitability, adequacy and effectiveness.
  • Communicating the policy to all employees , all people work on the behave of France metal and France metal neighbors.
Karim Khoury