FireLite® is a 3/16" (5 mm) thick glazing material listed for use in non-impact, safety-rated locations such as transoms and borrowed lites. FireLite is available in two different surface conditions for clear viewing, premium grade and standard grade.

  • UltraHD® Technology for improved color, clarity and surface quality
  • Fire-rated for up to 90 minutes with required hose stream test
  • Glass ceramic
  • Clear and wireless
  • Available in two surface conditions for clear viewing, Premium Grade and Standard Grade
  • Also available in an obscure pattern
  • Large sizes available (see "Listings" section)
  • Withstands thermal shock
  • Passes positive pressure test standards UL 10C
  • May be lightly sandblasted or etched on one side without affecting fire rating
  • Note: This product is not a barrier to radiant heat. This product does not meet test standards ASTM E-119 or UL 263. If your jurisdiction requires a "barrier to heat" product, please see Pilkington Pyrostop.
Thickness: 3/16" (5 mm) overall
Area Per Piece
Hardness (Vicker's Scale): 700
Weight: 2.56 lb/ft2 (12.5 kg/m2) Fire Rating: 20 minutes to 90 minutes
Approx. Visible Transmission: 88% Impact Safety Rating: None
Approx. Visible Reflection: 9% STC Rating: 35
Figures are for Premium Grade FireLite. Figures will differ slightly for Standard Grade and Obscure (patterned) surface finishes.